What Kind Of Charger Does Thailand Use?

What do the outlets look like in Thailand?

Thailand uses 220V AC electricity.

Power outlets most commonly feature two-prong round or flat sockets..

Is Thailand plug same as us?

Thailand uses the same electrical plugs as the US. As above, most electronic gear nowadays is multivoltage 100-240 volts, which covers both US 110-120 and Thailand’s 220-240.

Do I need a different charger in Thailand?

Because the power outlets in Thailand will likely fit your plug, you probably don’t need a separate adapter. Just make sure your voltage is converted to protect your technology. But you may want to pack a universal adapter, just in case you end up in a building with two-prong sockets for your three-prong laptop.

Can I use iPhone charger in Thailand?

If you want to charge the iPhone from a Thai power outlet you will need to use a Type C USB power adapter and a USB to Apple 30 pin cable (Apple should normally supply this USB cable when you buy the iPhone). Start by inserting the Type C USB power adapter into the power supply.

Do I need an adapter in Thailand from USA?

The voltage in Thailand is 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. So, if you are bringing appliances, electronics, or tools from the United States or anywhere else with a 110-volt current, you will need a voltage converter, or you’ll burn out whatever you plug in.

What plug sockets are used in Asia?

The plug sockets all over Asia vary widely!…The voltage is 230 V with a frequency of 50 Hz.C) A two prong round socket.D) A three prong round socket with a larger one at the top.F) A two prong flat socket.G) A three prong flat socket (as used in the UK).

What should I bring to Thailand?

What to Pack for ThailandPack a Travel Backpack for Thailand.Pack Slip On Shoes for Thailand.Water Bottle.Bug Spray & Sunscreen.Rain Jacket.Rain Cover & Dry Sacs.Sweater or Sweatshirt.Warm Weather Clothes.More items…

What plugs are used in Phuket?

Thailand’s power supply is 220 volts at 50 hertz. If your electrical devices can’t accept this then you will need a voltage convertor. You may also need a plug adaptor to cater for the two types of electrical outlet that accept plugs with two round pins or perpendicular flat pins.

Will my phone charger work in Thailand?

Most chargers now will take a range of voltage from 110 to over 220 volts. I have no problem using my chargers in both the US and Thailand but they accept the voltage range. If you have a ground prong you can find an adapter in the US for under a dollar that will allow you to put that plug into a non grounded outlet.

Can you use European plugs in Thailand?

European two rounded pins can fit in most of the electrical outlets in Thailand. You don’t also need a voltage converter because most countries in Europe operate at 220-240 Volts, similar to Thailand. However, to be cautious, check your devices before usage.

What is Thailand voltage?

Thailand voltage is 220 Volts at 50Hz while American voltage is 120 Volts at 60Hz. … However, if your device is 110 Volts and you plug it in a 220 Volts Thai outlet, you will fry it. In this case, you need a voltage adapter to make your devices usable in Thailand.

Do I need a voltage converter for iPhone in Thailand?

iPhone and camera chargers are probably fine without any kind of voltage converter or plug adaptor, iPhone for sure. You need to check on the charger to see what voltage range it can accept, if you see something like 100V-240V then you are good to go. Hair appliances are unlikely to work with the voltage in Thailand.