Quick Answer: Will Someone Know If I Add Them On Viber?

Who gets notified when you join Viber?

Yes but only when you join Viber for the first time.

When you first sign up to Viber, the app will notify any contacts you have who also use Viber that you joined.

This is a ‘helpful’ feature designed to encourage all of you to use Viber..

What happens when you block a person on Viber?

When you block a contact on Viber they can no longer call you or send messages, see any changes you made or add you to a group. Learn more about how to block contacts, see who those contacts are and even unblock them.

How can I change my number on Viber without notifying contacts?

On your Viber app:Go into the more screen.Tap on the Settings, and in there tap on the Account.Select Change Phone Number.Next, If needed, you will be prompted to back up your history.Finally, in the next screen enter your new phone number and click continue.

Why is Viber not showing contacts?

To update your contact list, re-sync it by re-initiating Viber or by manually updating your contacts list. You don’t need to uninstall and reinstall Viber. … Enter into your Viber contact list, then select the device’s menu button, and tap on “update contacts”. Then just click your device ‘home’ button.

Can Viber users see my number?

Viber’s servers will we able to see your Viber username, profile picture, phone number, your contacts list, and some activity information. Read more about each of these in the Privacy Policy. Viber don’t keep: Your messages – once delivered, no messages sent on Viber are held on our servers.

Does Viber notify when you screenshot?

yes, Viber Does notify you if someone takes a screenshot of your conversation? … In this menu, there will be an option to open a secret conversation ( here messages are deleted after a certain time that you set ) and taking a screenshot will send a notification to both users.

Can I call someone who blocked me on Viber?

Can I call someone who blocked me on Viber? — Yes, you can call them, but the other user will not be notified about your…

When you block someone on Viber can they see your online status?

When you block a contact, you prevent them from contacting you via one-on-one messages or calls to your mobile device on Viber. … Your online status will not be visible to a blocked contact Unblocking a contact will not restore messages or calls they sent while they were blocked.

Would you know if someone blocked you on Viber?

Usually when you send a message on Viber you will see a Delivered or Seen notification showing you the status of the conversation. If you message someone and those notifications don’t appear, you could have been blocked. Messages sent to people who have blocked you will remain as Sent and not Delivered or Seen.

When you block someone on Viber can they see your profile picture?

If you have their contact saved in your mobile before blocking them then they will be able to see your profile picture which you had at the time when you blocked them. But they won’t get any updates on your profile after blocking.

Is Viber a cheating app?

If you have a sneaking suspicion that your spouse has been cheating, these apps in his or her smartphone could hold some hints of infidelity. Viber is a third-party messaging app that is available on all major devices. … So, no one — not even Viber — can read your messages.

What does one check on Viber mean?

Quicker message status icons How does it work? One ✓ means your message is sending. Two ✓✓ means your message has been delivered to your recipient’s phone. Purple ✓✓ means your recipient has seen your message.

Does Viber automatically add contacts?

Sync your phone contacts with Viber Your phone contacts should automatically appear in your Viber app. … Check that your device settings say All contacts to allow Viber access to your entire phone book. Try removing and re-adding a contact.

What happens to messages when you deactivate Viber?

Deactivating Viber: Deletes your data (your name, registration information, etc). … Deactivating Viber won’t delete your messages backup if you have one set up (on iCloud or Google Drive). Go into your backup and delete it manually.

Can a person send you Viber message if he she is not on your contact list?

Yes. As long as anyone has Viber, they can contact you if you have Viber also and vice versa. An example: if your friend’s cousin who don’t know you (and you don’t know that person either) but has your number via friend, that cousin can call and message you.

Will my contacts know if I deactivate Viber?

This is what happens after you deactivate a Viber account on your device: All of your data is cleared on this device, including your call and message history, groups and downloaded stickers, both free and purchased. You will no longer appear as a Viber user to your Viber contacts.