Quick Answer: What Text Number Is 40404?

How do I stop messages from 40404?

Unsubscribe From Texts To cut the number of text messages Twitter sends, turn off text notifications for individual users.

Send “OFF” followed by a user’s name (without “@”) to “40404” to disable texts from that user.

This method won’t unfollow the user, so you’ll still see his tweets on your computer..

How do you send commands?

AT+CMSS=1Line 1: “AT” is sent to the GSM / GPRS modem to test the connection. … Line 3: The AT command +CMGF is used to instruct the GSM / GPRS modem to operate in SMS text mode. … Line 5 and 6: The AT command +CMGW is used to write an SMS text message to the message storage of the GSM / GPRS modem.More items…

What are AT commands in GSM?

Every command line starts with “AT” or “at”. That’s why modem commands are called AT commands. Many of the commands that are used to control wired dial-up modems, such as ATD (Dial), ATA (Answer), ATH (Hook control) and ATO (Return to online data state), are also supported by GSM/GPRS modems and mobile phones.

What is SMS notification on twitter?

It works by tying your cell phone number to your Twitter account. … To post a tweet, you can send an SMS message to a special “short code” number (in the US, it’s 40404).

How do I follow a twitter account via SMS?

To use it, all you need to do is text “follow [username]” to Twitter’s shortcode of 40404. From there, you’ll start receiving all of that user’s updates via text message.

How do you get tweets as text messages on Iphone?

Visit your Settings page. Click the Mobile tab. Look for the area labeled Text notifications. Check the box for Tweets from people you’ve enabled for mobile notifications to receive text message notifications any time a specific person Tweets.

What is a text from 40404?

It’s fairly simple to opt in to receiving Twitter via text messages (SMS delivery). First, you have to set up a mobile device so that Twitter knows where to send your Tweets. … You’re given the word GO and instructed to text this word from your phone to 40404. Send GO from your phone as a text message to 40404.

How can I get a free short code number?

If you would like a shortcode to use, we can provide both a free 5 digit text number or a pay-as-you go option where you can choose your own keyword. The free option is available to every account and once activated, you will be issued with a keyword from our keyword pool which end users can text.

Why can’t I receive SMS from twitter?

Try logging out of your Twitter account and logging back in. … If this doesn’t resolve your issue, send a text message from your device with the message content, GO, to the Twitter short code 40404. This will opt you in to receive SMS from Twitter, which is consistent with your notification settings.

How do I get text notifications from Twitter?

Log in to Twitter. Go to “Settings,” “Mobile” and then locate the “Text notifications” section. Check the options relating to the notifications that you want to receive. Go to the Twitter page of any individual account from which you want to receive notifications of activity.

What are SMS commands?

Programmable SMS is used to exchange text messages between people, while Commands use SMS as the means to deliver machine-to-machine messages. You use the Commands resource to send a text message ONLY to a Twilio SIM, not to a person’s phone number.

What does SMS mean?

send and receive textYou can send and receive text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages using the Messages app . Messages are considered texting and don’t count toward your data usage.

What is SMS PDU mode?

(PDU stands for Protocol Data Unit.) … The mode that a GSM/GPRS modem or mobile phone is operating in determines the syntax of some SMS AT commands and the format of the responses returned after execution. Below are the SMS AT commands affected: +CMGS (Send Message)

Why can’t I get notifications on twitter?

You can check if this is the problem by jumping into Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Twitter (this might differ slightly from device to device). Here you can select the notifications option and make sure everything that you want enabled is toggled on.

How do you text a 5 digit code?

Solution: Send the SMS by starting a new thread to “+1 XXXXXX” (the 5 digit phone number).

What is a short code text messages?

Short codes A short code is a 4 to 9-digit number, just like a phone number, which a company uses to send or receive text messages. When you sign up for a short code program, you’ll receive related text messages on your mobile phone. … Interactive text alerts (also known as premium programs).

How do you tweet via text message?

In the United States, you’ll send a text to 40404. When you do, your message will be tweeted from your account just as if you had typed it in on Twitter’s website or app.

How do you text a short code number?

How to Send Texts to Short CodesNavigate to the Text Message Section of Your Phone or Mobile Device. … Compose Your Text Message. … Send the Text to the Short Code Number. … Unsubscribe From Receiving Unwanted Text Messages.