Quick Answer: What Does Prosecute Mean?

What does it mean to prosecute a person?

English Language Learners Definition of prosecution : the act or process of holding a trial against a person who is accused of a crime to see if that person is guilty.

: the side of a legal case which argues that a person who is accused of a crime is guilty : the lawyer or lawyers who prosecute someone in a court case..

What is considered persecution?

3.1. Persecution has also frequently been defined as “the infliction of suffering or harm upon those who differ in a way regarded as offensive.” 9 Persecution is usually physical but can also be emotional or psychological. 10. Recognizing persecution is extremely fact-dependent and fact-specific.

What is prosecution process?

It consists of the reading of the information or criminal complaint in court to the accused in open court. The accused is then asked how he pleads. The accused may plead guilty or not guilty to the offense charged. … The prosecution commences the presentation of evidence, followed by the accused.

What is the opposite of prosecute?

The opposite of a prosecutor is a defense attorney. … So on that TV crime drama, the prosecutor is the one trying to put the bad guy in jail, and the defense attorney is the one trying to prove that the guy really isn’t a bad guy.

What means indict?

verb (used with object) (of a grand jury) to bring a formal accusation against, as a means of bringing to trial: The grand jury indicted him for murder. to charge with an offense or crime; accuse of wrongdoing; castigate; criticize: He tends to indict everyone of plotting against him.

How do you use prosecute in a sentence?

Examples of prosecute in a Sentence The store’s owner agreed not to prosecute if the boy returned the stolen goods. The case is being prosecuted by the assistant district attorney. She criticized the government for the way it has prosecuted the war.

Does prosecute mean kill?

Prosecute is defined as to have a criminal case against someone, or to pursue or keep doing something. An example of to prosecute is to hold a court case against someone for murder. An example of to prosecute is to engage in a project until its end.

Does prosecution mean jail?

Prosecution ensures that persons suspected of crimes are tried in a court of law and sentenced if found guilty. … Most misdemeanour cases involve an appearance before a judge or magistrate rather than a trial, with the punishment being a fine or limited jail sentence.

What is another word for Prosecute?

What is another word for prosecute?suetryinstitute legal proceedingsbring charges againstarrestarraign forimputecall to accountallegeprosecute for136 more rows

What is the difference between persecuted and prosecuted?

Prosecute – to bring legal action against for redress or punishment of a crime or violation of law. Persecute – to harass or punish in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict; specifically: to cause to suffer because of belief.

What are some examples of persecution?

Examples of persecution include the confiscation or destruction of property, incitement of hatred, arrests, imprisonment, beatings, torture, murder, and executions. Religious persecution can be considered the opposite of freedom of religion.

What is prosecution pillar?

It is the forum where the prosecution is given the opportunity to prove that there is a strong evidence of guilt against the accused. It is also in the courts that the accused is given his “day” to disprove the accusation against him.