Quick Answer: What Channels Are Free On Xfinity?

What channels come with basic Xfinity?

Comcast Basic Cable The package provides you with over 10 channels, including local broadcast stations (i.e.

ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and more), local government channels, and educational channels..

Is Netflix free with Xfinity?

Sign Up for a Netflix Subscription through Xfinity X1 Access the Netflix app on X1 and select Join Free for a Month. Note: Not everyone is eligible for this offer from Netflix.

Is Starz free right now on Xfinity?

Accessing the free preview is easy. Just say “STARZ on Demand” into your Xfinity Voice Remote for both X1 and Flex and start watching! To access on Xfinity Stream, just visit www.xfinity.com/stream.

How much is HBO on Comcast per month?

Comcast customers who are already paying extra for HBO won’t have to pay the $14.99 per month HBO Max is charging. By the way, $14.99 per month is what subscribers have been paying for HBO Now, the streaming service for cord-cutters or those who just want access to HBO.

Is Xfinity offering any free channels?

Free TV You Can Watch Right Now with Xfinity Xfinity is making a series of premium networks and subscription video on demand (SVOD) services available for free for its X1 and Flex customers.

What is free with Xfinity?

Xfinity Movie Week features top film titles from networks like EPIX, *SHOWTIME®, Hitz, Hallmark Movies Now, Lifetime Movie Club, History Vault, Pantaya, Cinémoi, Gravitas Movies, Outside TV Features and more, meaning you can watch thousands of great movies for free all week long.

Is HBO free for Xfinity?

Xfinity and AT&T Making HBO, Cinemax, Starz, Showtime Epix & Other Premium Channels Free for a Limited Time.

Does Xfinity stream cost extra?

There’s no additional charge for using the Xfinity Stream app on Partner Devices. All other fees associated with your service will still apply, except during the beta trial, we’re waiving the “additional outlet” service charge if you use the Stream app on a Partner Device. Pricing may change in the future.

How do I get free Xfinity?

Xfinity WiFi hotspots LOCATED IN BUSINESSES AND OUTDOOR LOCATIONS are available to anyone who needs them for free during the COVID-19 national emergency, including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers: Go online to wifi.xfinity.com. Use ‘Find a Hotspot’ and enter your city or zip code. Go to location of hotspot.

How long is HBO free?

one weekHow long is the trial and what do I get? Most subscription providers offer new subscribers a free trial period, which is typically one week. The length of the trial varies by provider. During your trial, you can stream all of HBO’s shows, as well as hit movies.