Quick Answer: Is There A New HomePod Coming?

Does Siri swear?

It turns out, you can get Siri to curse.

All you have to do is ask your iPhone to define the word “mother.” Business Insider broke the “news.” …

Then Siri will inform you that mother can be shorthand for “motherf—–,” a definition that counts as “vulgar slang.” We were able to replicate the Easter egg of sorts on Monday..

What is HomePod good for?

The good Apple’s $349 HomePod has excellent bass and consistently superior sound quality across a wide variety of music genres. The speaker is easy to set up and Siri can hear you from across a room. The bad You’re stuck with Apple-only audio services when using voice commands and the HomePod only works on iOS.

Can HomePod read text messages?

That means anyone can ask the HomePod to read text messages out loud from the main user’s iPhone when both gadgets are connected to the same WiFi network. “If you have kids, they can just text anyone at will while you’re in the bathroom and you can’t stop it,” Patel wrote.

Should I buy a HomePod now?

Even if you don’t want the smaller version, the regular HomePod might have its price reduced once again or get updated with internal improvements such as a more powerful processor. … But for those who want a cheaper smart speaker that works with all Apple devices, HomePod mini may be the best choice.

Is HomePod a failure?

Apple’s products and services tend to sell better in the home market than elsewhere in the world. But the HomePod is an exception, having captured a paltry 6 percent of the U.S. smart speaker market in 2018. CIRP attributes HomePod’s failure solely to its price. …

Can HomePod be used as a TV speaker?

Lucky you, you can pair them up for some stereo magic. If you own a third-generation Apple TV or later, you can pair the HomePod via AirPlay and use it as your TV speaker. … But if you’re currently watching your TV with the speakers that come built in, chances are the HomePod is going to do a better job.

Is Alexa a spy?

Patent applications from Amazon and Google revealed how their Alexa and Voice Assistant powered smart speakers are ‘spying’ on you. The study warns of an Orwellian future in which the gadgets eavesdrop on everything from confidential conversations to your toilet flushing habits.

Is Apple HomePod safe?

“Privacy and security are of utmost importance to our customers. Siri on HomePod is equally as private and secure as it is on our other devices. The detection of “Hey Siri” happens on device, so nothing is sent to Apple until that trigger is detected and the Siri waveform lights up.

How do I know if HomePod is updated?

Check for updatesMake sure that your iOS device is updated to the latest version of iOS.On your iOS device, open the Home app and tap Home in the upper-left corner.Tap Software Update.If there’s a new update, tap Install. This will install the update on all of your HomePod speakers you have set up in your home.

Can Apple HomePod play Spotify?

You can AirPlay Spotify from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac to the HomePod, but you can’t ask Siri on HomePod to play Spotify. … Launch Spotify music app on your iPhone and play a track > bring up the “Now Playing” screen > tap on “Devices Available” > Select HomePod.

Will HomePod ever support Spotify?

The Apple HomePod may be on the verge of getting support for third-party music streaming services like Spotify and Tidal. In a press release issued following its WWDC 2020 keynote, Apple said that the HomePod has “a new program to integrate third-party music services”.

Is there going to be a new HomePod?

According to Bloomberg sources, back in June 2018 Apple was working on a new version of the HomePod for 2019 that would launch alongside new AirPods and new over-the-ear Apple headphones that spring. … A Barclays analyst who released a report in August 2018 also thought Apple would release a new HomePod in 2019.

What is new with HomePod?

HomePod features coming with iOS 14 The new feature means that Spotify and other services such as Pandora will work with HomePod so you will be able to set them as your default music service and use Siri to control playback, rather than stream the music to the speaker via your iPhone.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod?

Apple products rarely see official price drops after release, but the company today cut the MSRP of its HomePod smart speaker. … iPod Hi-Fi, the company’s last $349 speaker, was abruptly discontinued and yanked from Apple’s stores only a year and a half after release.

How loud is the Apple HomePod?

The much larger Home Max gets much louder than HomePod, specifically 97 decibels compared to HomePod’s 88 decibels, but sound quality on the Google speaker drops dramatically. At equal volumes, the Sonos One really lacks clarity in the mids and doesn’t have enough punch in the low end.

Is the Apple HomePod portable?

Best answer: While all of the audio it streams is delivered over Wi-Fi, Apple’s HomePod is not, in fact, wireless, requiring external power. To provide that, you can plug the speaker into the wall or use a portable power supply.

Is HomePod always listening?

Apple’s official privacy policies state that Siri running on a HomePod does not send any voice recordings to Apple until it hears the special command phrase “Hey Siri”. It then sends your voice recordings to Apple’s servers so they can use voice-recognition technology to respond to your questions and commands.

Which is better HomePod or Alexa?

Amazon may be trumped in design and sound quality, but one area it’s able to best Apple is in the actual smart assistant. And Alexa doesn’t just beat out Siri — in our view, it’s the best voice assistant in the business right now.