Quick Answer: Can DocuSign Be Hacked?

Who uses DocuSign?

We have data on 8,594 companies that use DocuSign….Who uses DocuSign?CompanyTwentyEighty, Inc.Websitetwentyeighty.comCountryUnited StatesRevenue200M-1000MCompany Size1000-50004 more columns.

Are DocuSign emails safe?

If you receive an email that appears to be from DocuSign, do not click any attachments or links within it, just to be safe. There is a more secure way to see if it is legitimate.

Is DocuSign confidential?

Confidentiality: customer information stays confidential, including from DocuSign—customer documents and data are private and access is workflow controlled.

What makes DocuSign secure?

DocuSign’s world-class digital signature security protects your important documents. DocuSign is the most trusted eSignature provider in the world. We make sure every signature is secure so you are not at risk for identity theft or data breaches. … Sign, send, and manage all your documents.

Does DocuSign track IP address?

By default, DocuSign will include a signer’s IP address in the Certificate of Completion as part of the full audit trail of a document. The location of a signer can only be roughly determined with this information. … See our History and Certificate of Completion guide for more information.

Keep transactions secure and trustworthy According to these acts, A document or signature cannot be denied legal effect or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” DocuSign digital signatures are valid and legally binding around the globe, and are in use in 188 countries today.

Do banks use DocuSign?

DocuSign helps banks get loan documents completed faster so you start earning interest sooner. Customers can start loans—commercial, small business, or consumer—in minutes. DocuSign’s guided, error-proof signing experience means 100% complete documents every time.

Has DocuSign been hacked?

Digital signature service DocuSign said Monday that an unnamed third-party had got access to email addresses of its users after hacking into its systems. The hackers gained temporary access to a peripheral sub-system for communicating service-related announcements to users through email, the company said.

Is DocuSign secure?

“documents signed online with legally compliant e-signature software are as valid and binding as traditional pen-and-paper documents.” Contracts signed using enterprise-level electronic signature processes like DocuSign are completely secure and deliver a rigorous audit trail of who signed and when.

Who owns DocuSign net?

Founded after the dot-com bust in 2003, DocuSign has proven both a survivor and a first mover in the e-signature space. Founded by Court Lorenzini, Tom Gonser and Eric Ranft, DocuSign held its own against early competition: one notable one, EchoSign, was acquired by Adobe in 2011.

Are DocuSign documents encrypted?

DocuSign protects your highly confidential information by encrypting and making every document tamper-evident. … DocuSign uses AES 128-bit encryption and SSL 256-bit encryption to ensure documents in the system are encrypted at all times.

Who invented DocuSign?

Tom GonserCourt LorenziniEric RanftDocuSign/Founders

Is DocuSign owned by Microsoft?

17, 2014 — Microsoft Corp. and DocuSign on Monday announced a long-term strategic partnership to make DocuSign’s industry-leading eSignature apps widely available from within Microsoft Office 365.

What is the purpose of DocuSign?

DocuSign allows you to quickly and securely make every agreement and approval digital, from almost anywhere in the world, on practically any device. It’s simple to use and implement, so even complex workflows can be quickly automated, keeping your business moving forward, faster.

What email address does DocuSign use?

The emails are sent from non-DocuSign-related domains including dse@docus.com. Legitimate DocuSign signing emails come from @docusign.com or @docusign.net email addresses.

How does DocuSign verify identity?

DocuSign ID Verification allows signers to quickly and easily verify their identity with a passport, driver’s license or national identity card by simply uploading a picture from their computer or using their mobile device to take and submit a photo of their document.

Where is DocuSign data stored?

Apart from providing the highest level of encryption for your documents, DocuSign documents are stored in secure server infrastructure hosted in our ISO 27001, and SSAE 16 data centers.

Does DocuSign send email?

a. DocuSign automatically adds an email subject when you upload a document. You can edit this subject and add a message to the recipient by filling in the MESSAGE fields.