Question: Which Gun Is Best In TDM?

Is Uzi better than AKM?

The AK has the advantage in range but close up the fight is pretty much even.

They both kill in 1 hit but: -At close range the Uzi wins cuz it’s much more maneuverable due to it being even smaller than a pistol.

It also has double the fire rate..

Is Groza a real gun?

The OTs-14 Groza (Russian: ОЦ-14 “Гроза”, lit. ‘”Thunderstorm”‘) is a Russian selective fire bullpup assault rifle chambered for the 7.62×39 round and the 9×39mm subsonic round. It was developed in the 1990s at the TsKIB SOO (Central Design and Research Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Arms) in Tula, Russia.

Is m762 better than Groza?

AKM, when compared to groza, has a lower fire rate. Beryl M762 – Is a gun that is in-between AKM and Groza. It has high fire rate and deals good damage. … AUG A30 – High fire rate, slightly higer recoil, but it has a higher reload time when compared to other ARs.

Is m762 a sniper?

Beryl M762. Modern Polish assault rifle. The Beryl M762 is an assault rifle type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Which is better Uzi or vector?

Bullets. UZI holds more bullets (35 with extended mag) as compared to Vector (33 with extended mag). Thus, the former is considered better for spraying and close-fights. UZI is also considered the best SMG for knocking down two enemies in one spray.

Is Uzi a good gun in PUBG mobile?

UZI is one of the best weapons when it comes to close-range. The SMG has a very high rate of fire, and it can take an enemy down quite quickly. The gun uses the 9mm ammunition. The only downside of the UZI is that the damage dealt by the weapon is pretty low.

Which gun is best in PUBG Lite TDM?

Which gun is the best in the PUBG PC Lite TDM mode? I prefer the m762 with RDS for closer ranges and SKS with a 4x for longer ranges. You can also opt for the smgs like Vector and UZI for close range because of greater limb damage. m416 is a viable option as it has lower recoil than the beryl.

Which gun has more damage m416 or m762?

But these weapons are different in all aspects. While M416 uses 5.56 ammo, Beryl M762 uses 7.62 ammo. Therefore, the Beryl gun causes greater damage than M416. If you test these two guns in the real match, you will notice that you need 30 bullets to burst a car with an M416.

How do you get a gun in TDM PUBG?

Here’s how to go about it.After launching the app, tap on the mode/map selection button.Tap on EvoGround Mode and select one of the TDM maps.Tap on the ‘Loadout’ option with a crate icon to the bottom right of the screen.Tap on the main/secondary weapon to choose from a host of options available at each level.More items…•

Is Groza better than m416?

Now Groza may have less range and bullet speed than M416, but has higher damage per bullet. So if you want to have a faster damage done to your enemies, go for M416. Though it has a higher fire rate, it has higher bullet speed.

Is PUBG full of bots?

PUBG is full of bots. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular Battle Royale games out there, for both PC and console, and for good reason. … It appears players are loading into their lobbies to find it full to the brim with bots.

Which gun has highest firing rate in PUBG?

uziThe uzi is a beast. It has highest firing rate of all guns in PUBG. Even higher than vector. Plus, it also holds 10 more bullets with extended mag than vector.

Which gun kills fast in PUBG Lite?

DMRs are weapons that consist of the characteristics of ARs and Sniper Rifles. The damage of this gun is close to that of the sniper. It also has an auto mode that makes it very easy to take down an enemy, making it one of the fastest killing firearms in the game.