Question: How Do I Unlock My Verizon Samsung Gusto 3?

How do you unlock a Verizon flip phone?

Dial either *611 from your Verizon Wireless Prepaid phone, or call 1-888- 294-6804 from another phone to speak with a Verizon Wireless representative.

Use the unlock code and instructions provided by the Verizon Wireless representative to unlock your prepaid device..

Does Samsung Gusto 3 have SIM card?

According to the Verizon website, the Samsung Gusto 3 does not have a SIM card but a memory card, in which case the memory card will not be able to replace the SIM in the HTC Desire because it is a global/4G smartphone.

How do you reset a locked flip phone?

Press and hold the Power/Lock key (on the right side of the phone) and the Down Volume key (on the left side of the phone) at the same time. When the Factory data reset screen appears, release both of the keys. Use the Volume keys to highlight Factory data reset, then press the Power/Lock key to confirm.

Is the Samsung Gusto 3 a 4g phone?

The Samsung Gusto 3 SM-B311V cellular phone features a convenient 1.3MP camera so you can capture images and store them on 64 MB memory space. The device has 1000 mAh battery capacity. In addition, this cellular phone supports CDMA 800/1900 and 2G networks. It comes in dark blue.

How do I reset my Samsung Gusto 3?

Samsung Gusto® 2 / Gusto® 3 – Master ResetFrom the main screen, press OK.Select Settings then press OK.Select Phone then press OK.Select Security then press OK.Enter the Code. The default code is the last 4-digits of the mobile number.Select Restore Phone then press OK.Select Yes then press OK.Press OK.More items…

Is my Verizon phone locked or unlocked?

If you’re unsure whether your Verizon phone is unlocked or not, the easiest way to check is to insert a SIM card from another carrier. If your Verizon phone is locked, you won’t be able to use a SIM card from another carrier.

What is the network unlock code for Verizon?

If you have a locked 3G World Device phone with Verizon, you can use unlock code 000000 or 123456 or call 800-922-0204 for help. Verizon’s 3G Prepaid Phone-in-the-Box phones can be unlocked after 12 months of service.

How do you reset a Verizon flip phone when its locked?

Performing a Master Reset is only recommended when the existing data has been backed up or is unwanted.From the main screen, select MENU. … Select Settings & Tools.Select Phone Settings.Select Security.Enter the phone lock code. … Select Restore Phone.Press OK.Enter the phone lock code.

Can I unlock a Verizon phone?

If you forget your passcode and can’t get into your phone, well, that’s another situation entirely. You’ll need to contact the service provider that made your device (Apple, Android, Google, etc.) and make an unlock request. A service rep should give you a code to unlock your wireless device.

Can I unlock my phone myself?

You can make sure your phone actually needs unlocking by inserting a SIM card from another network into your mobile phone. If it’s locked, a message will appear on your home screen. The simplest way to unlock your device is to ring your provider and ask for a Network Unlock Code (NUC).

How Long Does Verizon take to unlock phone?

60 daysDevices that you purchase from Verizon are locked for 60 days after purchase. Devices that you purchase from our retail partners are locked for 60 days after activation. After 60 days, we will automatically remove the lock.