Question: Can We PORT Jio Sim To Idea?

What is the cost of Jio SIM?

Jio SIM card is free of cost after your SIM card is activated recharge with any 4G plan of your choice along with the Prime membership of ₹99.

To avail, the Jio SIM home delivery you can visit the official website of Reliance Jio..

What are the charges for porting to Jio?

You may be required to pay porting charge up to a maximum of Rs. 19/- to the recipient operator. You will need to obtain a Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) & Porting Form. You need a ‘Unique Porting Code’ (UPC).

How can I port my SIM?

Send the following text message – PORT followed by your 10-digit mobile number to TRAI’s central number for mobile number portability – 1900. Example: Send ‘PORT 98xxxxxx98’ to 1900. You’ll receive an SMS back with a port out code which will remain valid for only 15 days.

How do you get a Jio Sim in lockdown?

Reliance Jio * Now enter your full name and your current phone number, and click ‘Generate OTP’. * Now enter the OTP and tap ‘Verify OTP’. * After the OTP is verified you will be asked if you want to port an existing number on to the network or do you want to get a new number. Select the apt option.

Can I port my number online?

Yes. You can easily port mobile number online and get SIM delivered at your location. To do this just follow the steps below: Step 1: Generate the porting code by sending an SMS “PORT” and send it to 1900.

Which network is best?

NEW DELHI: Bharti Airtel has the best 4G network in terms of data speed and video streaming while Idea takes the lead in data upload speed, according to mobile services analytics firm Opensignal.

Can I do Jio FRC online?

NO, It’s not necessary to get your first recharge from a JIO Store. You can do recharge online at When you will first recharge your JIO sim (Purchased newly or Ported from other network) you will see 99rs for prime membership is added into available recharges.

Can I port back to my old network?

Yes, you can port back to your old network, but only after 90 days. To port back you have to wait for a period of 90 days, called MNP lock-in period. … The method to port back to your old network is the same as porting to any other network. Just make sure you do it right.

How soon can I port my number?

There are a few things that have to happen to move your number from one carrier to another (this is called a port), and the elapsed time may vary depending on how quickly your current provider processes the port. On average, ports take 7-10 days to complete; however, they can take up to 4 weeks in rare cases.

How many times can we PORT a SIM?

You are allowed to port or change number once every 30 days. If you want to keep your current PM number, then don’t touch the PM line for porting in another number.

How can I port my sim online?

You can easily port mobile number online and get SIM delivered at your location. To do this just follow the steps below: Step 1: Generate the porting code by sending an SMS “PORT” and send it to 1900. Step 2: Log on to “” and choose port number option.

How many days will it take to port from Jio to idea?

7 daysYou may withdraw your porting request within 24 hours of its submission to the recipient operator. Porting process takes a maximum time period of 7 days in all licensed service areas except in the case of J&K, Assam and North East licensed service areas where the maximum time taken is 15 days.

What to do after porting Jio?

Once ported, the Jio SIM should be activated, and remember you cannot use MNP to go back to your earlier operator or someone else for at least 90 days. After the connection is through, you must dial 1977 from your Jio SIM for verification. You will be asked to insert the last four digits of your identity proof.

Can I port twice in one month?

Yes, You can change as many times you want. But, only condition is there should be a gap of 90 days after previous porting. So, You can port to a new operator every 90 days.

What is first recharge in Jio after porting?

After MNP to Jio, You have to recharge your Jio Number by any Jio plan+Prime membership plan charge. For eg. If you want to recharge your jio no. for 84 days then you have to recharge with 399+99=498Rs. And these recharge are available online as well as by the operator.

How do I activate after porting my Jio?

Please call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process. If you wish to activate only Data services, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. You can tele-verify your number using one of the following options: Enter 5 Digit PIN received on your alternate number OR.

Is porting available in Jio?

Open the message box on your phone and write PORT and enter your 10-digit mobile number which you want to port. Now, you need to send this message to 1900. Enter PORT”<10 digit mobile number> to 1900. You will receive a unique porting number along with the expiry date till which your code will be valid.