Can I Buy The Lisboa Card At The Airport?

What does Lisboa Card include?

The Lisboa Card is the official tourist pass of Lisbon.

The card is essentially a 3-in-1 transport card, museum pass and discount card.

The Lisboa Card package also includes a free map and small travel guide.

In all, the card helps visitors of Lisboa save time and money during their stay in city..

Where is the tram 28 in Lisbon?

The tram’s starting point is the Square of Martim Moniz in Baixa (the city centre). There are always people waiting, mostly tourists. As tram 28 is so loved it’s mostly packed with people. Maybe you have to wait for the next tram to come, but it will only take a few minutes.

How much are Metro tickets in Lisbon?

Occasional journeysCarris/Metro Ticket1,50€1 Day ticket (24h)Carris/Metro6,40€BuyValid for unlimited journeys on Carris and Metro, networks during 24 hours following the first validation.Carris/Metro/Transtejo (Cacilhas)9,55€8 more rows

How is public transportation used in Lisbon?

To ride public transport in Lisbon, you’ll need to buy a non-refundable Viva Viagem card, which costs €0.50. Do not confuse the Viva Viagem paper card for the occasional traveller with the Lisboa Viva plastic monthly pass used by locals.

Is Lisbon a safe city to visit?

Lisbon is one of the safest capital cities in Europe, and few tourists will experience any difficulties or dangers during their stay. The city is progressive, liberal and diverse, and is perfectly safe for females and sole travellers or older visitors.

Where should I stay in Lisbon for the first time?

Where’s the best place to stay in Lisbon if you’re visiting for the first time? Chiado, Baixa, Principe Real, Bairro Alto, Avenida da Liberdade and possibly Alfama are the best areas if you want to be based in the heart of the city and within walking distance of major sights, restaurants, transport and shops.

How far is Lisbon to Sintra?

25kmSintra is only 25km from Lisbon, and is connected by a regular train service, which makes the town ideal for a day trip. There is a popular daytrip route which visits the Palácio Nacional de Sintra, the historic centre, the Castelo dos Mouros and the Palácio Nacional da Pena.

How old are the trams in Lisbon?

The delightful Remodelado trams date from the 1930s, and in any other city they would be housed in a museum, but in Lisbon, they are an integral part of the public transport network.

Can you drink the tap water in Lisbon?

Tap water in Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal is perfectly safe to drink. It may taste slightly different from the water you drink back home, but it’s nothing to worry about — it’s merely because its mineral content is not what you’re used to.

What is the best way to get around in Lisbon?

The best way to get around Lisbon is on foot and by public transport. Your own two feet are a great way to see the sights – just keep in mind that climbing this city’s hilly streets on foot can be quite the workout. For a change of pace (and to catch your breath), consider using buses, trams, the metro and elevators.

How do I use my Lisboa Card?

The card is activated the first time you travel on any public transport in Lisbon, or use it in a museum or monument where free entry is included. It expires at the end of the selected period. For example, if you activate your 24-hour Lisboa Card at 10am, the card will be valid until the following day at the same time.

How do you buy tram tickets in Lisbon?

All of Lisbon’s trams and buses are operated by Carris and the fare system covers all tram routes. A single tram ticket purchased onboard the tram costs €3.00. On the Articulado trams, tickets are purchased from the on-board ticket machines while on the older Remodelado they are bought from the driver.

Is there Uber in Lisbon?

Uber is available in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. … In Lisbon and Porto, Uber is available throughout the city.

Where should I stay Sintra or Cascais?

As Cascais and Estoril (the neighbouring town) are designed as holiday destinations, they both offer a larger choice of hotels than Sintra. Tourists commonly only stay one or two nights in Sintra and use the hotel as a base for exploring the town and immediate vicinity.

Where can I buy a Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card is available at Turismo de Lisboa booths, located at Lisbon Airport – Arrival Hall, Palácio Foz (Praça dos Restauradores), Lisboa Welcome Center (Praça do comércio), Stª Apolónia International Railway Station or at Rua Augusta and Belém Kiosks.

Is it worth getting a Lisboa Card?

The train from Lisbon’s Rossio station (normally €5 return) will be free and you’ll get discounts on the entrance tickets at most main sights of between 10% to 20%. … The Lisboa Card only costs an extra €8 for the third day, so as long as you think you’ll get that much value, then it’s worth it.

Which attractions are free with Lisboa Card?

Here are some examples of attractions where you can access for free by using the Lisboa Card:Jerónimos Monastery.Belém Tower.Rua Augusta Arch.Elevador de Santa Justa.Azulejos Museum.National Museum of Ancient Art.Benfica Museum.Lisboa Story Centre.

How much are buses in Lisbon?

Fares and Passes. Flat fare on the buses is €1,80 – cash paid on board. Flat fare on the trams (streetcars) is now 2,85 Euros with the object being to make more users buy pre-pay passes. A single ticket on the metro is €1.90 without a rechargeable card, €1,40 with.

How do I use my Lisbon Card on Metro?

The card can be activated in any of the included attractions, or the first time you use public transport (all you need to do is tap it on one of the electronic readers present in Metro stations, train stations and buses). After that, it’s valid for the duration you specified.

Is there a metro station at Lisbon airport?

Metro. The Lisbon Airport has a Metro (subway) station with a direct line to the city centre. The ‘Aeroporto – Saldanha’ line takes you to downtown Lisbon in about 20 minutes. The Metro network will allow you to move around the city at ease.